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“I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family”  …. This was the song that my little niece Hanna was singing on our walk back to the car after we had finished our photo session. And this is exactly what I see when I look back at these pictures from a few months back. And its something that I really strive to capture for my clients (in this case my brother, his wife and their two beautiful children). A happy family!  As styles, trends and in some cases props used in photography are constantly changing and evolving, there is something special about photos, just photos of the people we love the most.   So for inquiring clients and families out there considering a photo session, think of “why” when you are booking your session and looking for the right photographer.  We are bombarded with imagery every day that I think it can cloud our judgement and alter our decision a little when it comes time to choosing the style of photography that applies most to our families and makes sense to display in our homes.  So think of the end goal.  What are you doing with the photos?  Will they be displayed on your walls? And is the photographer you are going to hire able to capture images that you will be able to display in your home for a long time.  A photo session can seem like a bit of investment among all other expenses families incur but when its something you can display on your walls, a constant reminder of these little people you love so much and a perfect capture of them being “them”, its priceless.  So whether it be a hiking trail, a space in the city where you spend time or in your family home, choose a location and a photographer that makes sense.  Oh and let those kids be wild – let them play and explore during their pictures and you will be left with beautiful, natural photos that will last a lifetime.(more…)